Script with SQL for second database

@pauln here you go …

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Any use to you @pauln?
Would love to see what you get up to if doing anything along these lines :wink:

@JTRTech yes I did miss this post! Going through that “where’s Walley” (Emre) phase I guess.

The two areas that will be new to me is PHP which like JScript you picked up quickly :smirk: and Joomla. I have book marked it to review at some stage.

The issue we have is I am supported a national customer base with a big legacy Desktop App, with now growing integrated Samba sites as we replace big POS names here as well :flushed: When it gets big and commercial you cannot just jump into new tech as version control is so important especially with support.

I get so frustrated some times not being able to invest time in new tech…
Actually to the point when I get mod requests I “fly off the handle” - like the other day support requested a “Cheque” Tender, well I went to DEV CON 4 in a bout 2 seconds :rage:

Cheque LOL, we take like 1 a quarter and only ever for account holders. Don’t have on till as didn’t think about it but the once we did get one epos side I just told them to use cash and I adjusted for it on rec spreadsheet.

Joomla is not a requirement, nor really is PHP, you could just as easily use a cloud SQL and have samba update and read directly.
Even if it’s MySQL, the scripts can be adjusted to select/update MySQL etc.

I mainly did this way as have generally used joomla for websites in the past back from when Wordpress was a mear blog CMS and not like it is today and also to try out the concept of having my own API.
This joomla setup is curently in place although only in a manual run - most of our locals are already signed up and new fobs are only trickling in now.
I do plan to move to Wordpress but the core functionality will likely remain very similar with mostly only the plugin parts needing much work.

Another alternative is you could in theory use a samba site as the centeral list and have all the other dial in to that one - maybe using GraphQL etc but like having a webserver as the core for the user subscribing side mentioned.

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