Scroll Bar narrow size for menu

i have difficulty scrolling down the menu bar at right side on my 7’ and 10’ android tablet

is there any other solutions rather than page count.

page count works in a different manner if i have sub category


I thought the Scroll Bar was made wider in a later version, but it may have been in another area of the program… I can’t find the post right now, but this has been talked about before here:

However, you shouldn’t need to use the Scroll Bar at all if you have a Touchscreen… just touch and hold a Menu Item, and drag your finger up and down. Or use the scroll-wheel on a mouse (I realize this doesn’t apply to tablets).

Scroll Bar widened for only report screen as it does not support touch scrolling.

Either way scrolling is an issue. Instead of that try fitting buttons to screen. You can.

  • Use small numberpad.
  • Increase column count, slightly increase button height, use word wrapping.
  • Use sub menus to split items as Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks

You can use sub menu in Product > Menu>select yoru menu>select category>select Edit Product Properties

if i use small numberpad how can i add:
—numbers >5 like 6,7,8,9,0
—decimal point

You can use numberpad values setting to add buttons to small numberpad as “1,2,3,4,5,6,7…”. As it is single state you can’t type custom numbers with that.

You can always use keyboard (on screen should work too) to type numbers.

as for as the menu scroll is concern we can use small numberpad, pagecount, and small size button but what about scroll bar at the ticket order line.

waitress complain difficulty to scroll down if they want to cancel specific order or so they are using samsung tab 7"

can anyone help with ticket scroll bar ???