Scroll Bar Width

I know this has been mentioned and discussed many times before but an option to increase the scroll bar width especially within POS would be very handy.
I always set my menu items so no scrolling is required however one place where this is unavoidable is the ticket screen/order list.
I always use good quality ELO touch screens whenever I can but the scrolling by dragging on order list is very clumsy.
The windows flick feature is a bit more use full but would be good to even just have an option for a double width scroll bar here if no where else as the layout here does allow for much user intervention.

I implemented my ‘Slim Order Line Display Format’ to show status next to price and hide/do not show any order states on the ticket screen to increase the available vertical space of orders but is as much as the user can do.

Also as previously discussed an option to not show the subtotal and tax about on bottom of ticket screen (only payment screen) would help give more order list space :slightly_smiling:

Have you tried using Windows settings to change scroll bar width?

Never that easy surely???
The samba scroll bar is smaller that scroll bars in explorer etc or is it an accessibility option?