Search on Tablet Samba Keyboard

I have just come across a small problem when using the product search on a tablet.
If I bring up the keyboard and type the search feature works fine but everyone’s first instinct is to touch the search box and then bring up the keyboard which breaks the search functionality.

I also noticed when the search box is not selected the backspace works but if it is selected first the backspace does not work. I don’t know if these two things are related, I just thought I would point it out.

I also noticed when searching for a product with a X,it cancels the search. e.g if I search “box” as soon as x is typed it cancels the search? also cant search starting with a number. e.g 6 box 10 box. It will search bo 10 or bo 6 but cant start search with a number?

Probably because that is how you select QTY. It is probably reserved for that function. Keep in mind that this is serving 2 functions. It allows QTY selection as well as search. Typically most people use Categories so they dont have to search for a product but he allows search through the QTY selector.

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Change the X to something else here …

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If you want a search box to auto pop keyboard. Try this… Create a new menu category and just name it search. Don’t put anything in it, then save it. Noe when you click that category in POS, it will auto pop up keyboard and just typing a few letters or whole keyword it will bring the list of things On the items section. I found this much easier and quicker to have

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