Search Ticket By Ticket Number

Hello Every Body.
I want to setup a screen that will be used to search and open ticket by put ticket number.

For example

I will set a Button (Search Ticket) on navigation screen.
When I click this button a popup screen will appear
this popup screen will ask for ticket number
then I will put ticket number to It and click Ok to open that ticket.

So please experts help me to create Actions and Rules.


You will need to create an Automation Command button (Manage → Automation → Automation Commands). On the mappings tab, map the visibility column to “Display on Navigation”.

Next you will need to create an “Load Ticket Action” using the field Ticket Number, place [:ticket number] in that field.

If you don’t have a Display Ticket action you will need to create that also. Use [:ticket id] in the field.

Create a rule using “Automation Command Executed” event. Constrain the “Automation Command Name” to the button you create in the first step. Add the 2 actions to the actions section (Load Ticket first, Display Ticket second). Click OK. Expand the Load Ticket action an place this in the “ticket number” field: [?Ticket Number to Display;;;OK;] You can leave the display ticket action blank.

You should have a new button on your navigation screen. When click it will bring up a pop-up to enter a ticket number. We used 2 action to load the ticket, the first action (Load Ticket) loads the ticket, but does not display the ticket. We need a Display Ticket to display the ticket.

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Thanks for help. As you told me to create Automation, Action and rule. I have done everything as per your instructions but could not get result. I put ticket number but It is not opening so please check Action and Rule in given screenshots.



In your first image, move [:ticket number] down 1 field. It should go on the Ticket Number line.

After the change, you will have to remove it from the rule, save it, then re-add it back into the rule and save.

Ticket Id and Ticket Number are 2 different sets of numbers. Normally you only see ticket numbers.

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I think Load Ticket is similar to Load Entity, it just loads values and data from that ticket, it doesn’t actually display it.

Its useful if you want to automate it or do something with this data in the background. I think you need to use Display Ticket or some other similar action.

sir i tried but could not get result

Here is the automation command:

Here are the Actions:


Here is the Rule: