Second currency exchange rate

I set up the POS system in US $ and tried to add a second currency. The exchange is C550 to $1, but I am unable to enter .0055 as a rate as it resets to .01

We currently do not support that small exchange rates since we support up to two decimals on tickets.

If you only need to print amount by double currency on tickets you can do it by using custom expressions. Multi currency configuration is useful if you settle with both currencies and want to track them under separate accounts.

Will this work with the system:

If I set the prices in Colones and have the system also take dollars, can i set up the database to update the colones price by the new exchange rate off of the dollar and import the new prices into the POS system whenever the rates changes?

There is no automatic updates for exchange rates as yet.
You would have to script this externally to update the database automatically.

everything would be solved enough if I could have a couple of more decimal points in my exchange rate. like 2 more. I think this is all out of my realm of understanding.

That won’t solve it by itself since all calculations rounds to two decimals. Even you can enter 4 digits to exchange rate you won’t be able to settle with 4 digit values and payment will be rounded. I’ll check if we can easily create a module for automatic exchange rate updates.

We would pay for the ability to go beyond the 2 decimals… if that could be done. I have looked into a lot of other POS systems, and this is the one I am most interested in using, if only I can use an exchange rate .002. Setting the system up in dollars with the exchange to colones is what I need to use this system. (even if I have to manually change the rate when it changes)

@dysdoli thank you very much for your interest on SambaPOS. We decided to support two decimals not to deal with rounding issues. Since I’m the only programmer ATM I have to use my time wisely to solve most peoples needs. When we form a team and increase our development power we can make such improvements.