Select Deliverer not enabled

What enables this button?

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Mapping entity type to ticket type.

Should have been done correctly

I double check the entity types tagged to “Delivery Ticket” before, I have both Customers and Deliverers selected(using copy option)

I ran the configuration task of advanced delivery on new db, same happened

Ok, maybe no entity screens mapped?

Using the Select Deliverer Buttons at the bottom in the Advanced Delivery Screen after an order is made work but when using the Select Customer on that screen to launch the order screen, the Select Deliverer button on the left will not enable.

The reason why I need to select the Deliverer before closing a ticket is that, frequently phone-in customers will pay first before coming in and the default Advanced Delivery Task will assume the ticket being Delivered when paid in full. I remember early last year this module will enable that button on the left but it seems once I upgraded to 5.2.3, that button no longer works. So I have to change my flow to make sure they close the ticket first WITHOUT making any payment, then in the Advanced Delivery Screen, select the deliverer(in my case will be “To Be Picked Up” as a deliverer. Then open the ticket again and pay. Super inconvenient.

Is there a way to map the order screen?