Select orders where a state value is not set or group name is not set

We already have things separated by ticket type: pickup, delivery, pre-order. Pre-orders live in their own entity screen whilst pickup and delivery in another.

This is for pre-orders where the original ticket type is stored as a tag. When changing ticket types on pre-order tickets, or any for that matter, there is no change in entity as the customer selection is required before creating a ticket.

That’s the plan.

Here are the actions for the rule:


When there is a non promo item on the ticket everything works. Only the non-promo item’s price changes (in this case the Alfredo pie):


However, when I remove the Alfredo pie and leave only the promo the promo items’ prices are changed.


With select orders I thought it would work something like this:

I go to a fruit stand and say, “give me three green apples.” If they have no green apples, I don’t expect any apples. But what’s happening with the select orders action is I’m asking for green apples and getting red ones because there are no green ones.

I dont think its the select doing that… I think it is applying update order to all orders because none are specifically selected…
Try adding a rule constraint that counts the ‘PStatus=’ orders so if there are no orders to select the rule doesnt fire. That is if it fits into your flow. This rule is after the ask questions i guess so other bits would still be updated just this rule doesnt fire if no orders needing changing?
The report expression could count qty or posibly price. I think the report you want is something like TICKET ORDER QTY EXP:

You could test my theory by adding a test popup/message with the SELECTED ORDERS expression which from memory returns a list of order ids or 0s if new orders without a uid. If it shows null but prices change its the update price list applying to all because non are selected rather than select order dedaulting to all if filter returns no orders.

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THanks for getting back to me.

I just went back with fresh eyes and it turns out there is a “Require Selection” option for the Update Orders action that I didn’t see because I didn’t scroll down.

So Require Selection=True does the trick… for now :fearful: