Selected Popup button Show in ticket

When I click on a button in the popup, it doesn’t show up in the ticket.

How can I make it show up under like this

American Fries (order tag)
*Beef Gravy (button on popup)

I am not trying to give you the run around… I promise even though it may seem like it to you. I am still planning on helping you when I get time but until then you really should study up on the forum ways to use actions/rules. You are viewing them all wrong and attempting to use them wrong… This can only be remedied by you studying it and learning what they are really for and how to really use them.

Read the documentation… thoroughly even parts you may think you wont use. You can get an understanding of how to use rules/actions etc this way.

I say this because you are having problems configuring Samba and it is because you do not know how to use Rules/Actions which are the building blocks of SambaPOS. Documentation has ENDLESS amounts of examples of how to use rules/actions including the one you refer to as popups. Even when I do get time to help you by showing you a tutorial… you may be able to build what you want based on my advice… but if you still do not take the time to truly understand Samba and learn how it works you will always have problems with it. And this is something you need to do on your own to learn it.

I can provide you a step by step (If I get time)… but then again there are already TONS of step by steps that show how to do the very thing your looking for. Maybe not directly but they would give you the understanding to develop it yourself.

Your approaching and attempting to build samba like you would a conventional POS. Popup actions, Ask question actions are not just Popups you can place buttons on and it show up on a ticket… its designed almost like a programming language without you needing to be a programmer… A popup can do many things… you have to tell it exactly what to do.

Okay, I have been doing reasearch all day yesterday but I cannot find any advanced tutorials or guides on order tags. Besides what you showed me I dont see what else they could do.

My uncle was just over, I showed him the system and these were the first things he pointed out (note hes been runniing the restaurant for 10 years and knows what kind of stuff customers ask for)

He says he would need a separate modifiers screen for “Odd” requests from customers. For example you have a customer who orders an omlette, he requests pickles on his omlette, pickles arent something he would want to show when you click on omlettes but instead he wants it on a separate modifiers button where its all there incase its ever needed for any item.

His only other thing is to be able to write messages for certain ordertags (so to show under it with a *). Say someone gets the 2 eggs with select choice of meat bacon. Now the waitress would need to be able to select bacon and add a message to it another odd request like “odd request for the bacon”

Did you reviewed this tutorial?

Yeah, but I still dont see how that could fullfill the odd requests for and include bacon and then message “odd request for bacon”

Instead of maintaining separate order tags for odd requests we’re using free tagging feature to take notes or typing rare requests.

Why you are configuring American Fries as a modifier? It seems like a product to me. Don’t you sell American Fries as a single product?

No its included in the meal.

2 Eggs is a Menu Item under the category Breakfast.

Its its own menu item. So with that menu item 2 Eggs I need all this available for it:

Egg Doneness (Up, Poached, Medium)
Choice of Meat ( Bacon, Links, Ham, Turkey) If Bacon is chosen then I need to know how its cooked.(Limp, Medium, Crisp, Burnt)
Choice of Breakfast Potato (American Fries, Grits, Hash Browns, No Potato, Tomato Slice) if American Fries or Hash browns are clicked I need it to ask (Beef Gravy, Cheese, Green Pepper, Onions, sausage Gravy, well)
Choice of Bread (Rye, White, Texas, Muffin) if white is clicked I need it to ask (Dry, Light, Xtra Butter, Light Butter, Dark)
Choice of Soup Salad or Coleslaw ( Cole Slaw, Cottage Cheese, Soup of the Day, Tossed Salad) if Soup of the day i need to know which soup ( bean chicken dumplin…another 6 soups) if Tossed salad is clicked i need modifiers including add no extra side with italian dressings (ranch, blue cheese, italian, greek catalina, etc)


The tutorial that emre posted has what you need.

I will try to help you further with breakfast

  1. Create products such as 2 Eggs w/Bacon, 2 Eggs w/Sausage, 2 Eggs w/Ham ect.

  2. Create Order Tag “Choose Eggs” See below

  1. Add your Order Tag List. See below.
  2. Map Order Tag “Choose Eggs” for any products that require eggs.
  3. Create Order Tags for Meat. Same as above
  4. Create Order Tags for Toast. Same as above
    For Miscellious items. Create “Kitchen Message” Same as below. Order your Order Tags the way you want them displayed in the kitchen.
  5. For Mis

Search for Auto Select to show these tags automatically, when you select an product.

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Ok sounds great but that message wont show up under a certain order tag right? for example I want it to show up by the side or under the order tag bacon for the item 2 eggs,

Im sorry but that actually still doesn’t solve my problem with the special cases. For example I want to add a custom message for bacon that shows up under bacon ( note bacon is not an item of its own its included in the breakfast so an ordertag) this is a problem since its not an order tag.

Im starting to get the sense that restaurant diners here in detroit are too complex for this program. Please dont get me wrong I love the software its one of the greatest I seen I just cant make use of it unless I can have that 2 eggs item built exactly as I wrote above and a side modifiers button to add any modifier and custom messages that show up by any ordertag/modifier.

Thanks for all the support everyone.

You are attempting to Modify a Modifier…

Bacon in the sense your using it… is a product… not a modifier… Bacon did not modify the dish… its part of the dish. You are trying to modify a modifier…

Your looking at it visually how you think it should show under the ticket and your relating that vision to order tags. There are other ways to accomplish this. I just wanted to clear this up if other people are looking at this.

Modifiers should be used to modify products… We just need to figure out a way to build your menu and products so you can build custom plates using products and then true modifiers for the products. It needs to flow so you can choose products to go with the menu item…

Everything under a menu item should not be a modifier… you can design it so it selects products to go with a menu item and then modify those products.

Okay I see what you are saying. Im interested at any solution you think would be good but it has to be fast, efficient and able to handle anything complex like the 2 eggs.

Kendash I really appreciate your help and time in helping me out.
Please take a look at the diagram and see if you can help me come up with a solution once you get the extra time.

2 Eggs Example Diagram Image

Just so you know… there is a such thing as Free Tagging letting you type your own Modifier… This is where the waiter would type the custom modifier for Bacon as per your diagram.

I am looking at the diagram.

The layout should be 2 egg = Menu Item Name. Products would be Eggs, Meat Choice, Bread Choice, Potato Choice

You would need modifiers for Eggs, Meat Choice, Bread Choice, Potato Choice: these can be static modifiers or free tagging… or both in your case you would use both.

You could use a popup for the Fries question… however I dont understand asking about fries when Potato choice is part of menu item.

EDIT: I am helping someone else right now in a separate post so I will get back to this in a bit. But use what I just said and see if you can tinker some more.

EDIT: More to ponder… for the extra options for the potatoes if specific potato is chosen… you can use Ask Question when that specific item is added.

So I got the odd request for modifiers part working, finally understand using the free tagging properly. Thank you for that. Now for the popups for bacon in example, the button that I press is not showing up in the ticket when I press it.

@Hasa I understand what you need. You are expecting it to ask each choice sequentially with popups and as we make selections through new popups will appear to ask next choice. This is what we’re specifically avoiding. Instead we’re preparing modifier screens that allows you to make parallel choices.

This is how we can implement @Jesse’s suggestion.

We don’t like popups as customer can ask what was his potato choice, changes his mind for previous step, says his bread choice before we come to that step, etc… As you can see all choices at once and change anything at any step we prefer that.

If you read the tutorial I’ve linked you’ll get more idea about more advanced uses such as mapping tags, forcing operator to make a selection for a tag group, using tag prefixes or pricing individual tags.

Also review @na1978’s implementation to get some tips about configuration.

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There are two ways of doing breakfast menu and you do not need pop-ups. You need to keep your menu simple and consistent thought-out.

Option 1:

2 Eggs w/Bacon(Create a product for each meat choice)
*Egg Style
*Potato Choice
*Bread Choice
*Special preparation instructions

Option 2:

2 Eggs
*Meat Choice
*Egg Style
*Potato Choice
*Bread Choice
*Special preparation instructions

I implemented Option 1 because it is less line items for cooks to read. Keep modifiers in the same order as above.

“Special Preparation Instructions” (Order Tag w/Free Tagging) should be mapped to all Categories. Sort your Order Tags where by “Special Preparation Instructions” are always displayed on the bottom.

“Special Preparation Instructions” should always be on the bottom. Cooks will look for standard items first and check the last line for “Special Instructions”.

You should not have “Special Instructions” for each line item. If you have a large menu, it will get messy every quickly and it will not be consistent.

By the way, I am in US as well and we have an extensive breakfast menu and options.

Best Regards,


Very good explanation this makes a lot of sense. I would not have thought about this.

So your saying choose your options including meat… or design it so meat is included to reduce lines… and then at bottom write Bacon Burnt, Blue Butter for Toast

Cooks flow would be… get everything down… then look for instructions on cooking it. that makes sense as he would do same thing every time and look at it the same way reducing the chance of him missing something because its jammed in the middle of the order.

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I spend a lot time in the restaurant industry in my younger years. :slight_smile:

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We do not serve plate lunches like this. Our menu at my restaurant is a very clean cut quick service menu as it is a 60+ Year family ran Dairy Bar environment. Although me and my wife have discussed serving a cook to order plate breakfast so your explanation has really opened my eyes I learned a lot from it.

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I understand your perspective in saving time in the cooks end but I think this would be just as efficient for the cooks

2 Eggs
Bacon * Burnt
extra message
American Fries
extra message
Toast * Light Butter
extra message

That there would be easy for the cook to read instead of having the waitress spen more time writing message that goes to the bottom saying: “bacon burnt” Thats more typing for no reason when you can have buttons on popups.

For the messages however I already solved the problem I just use free tags for each order tag.

@eddhasaj I understand your perspective. In the kitchen the #1 priority is getting the correct items down and getting them cooked in the right order. If you forget to get even 1 item down it throws entire dish off and your timing. Inserting everything at item level can cause cooks to miss things. The way @na1978 recommended means cook just needs to go in order and lay everything down on grill. Once everything is down and going he can look in one place to get special unusual cooking instructions.

This certainly is not the ONLY way to do things. Cooks can be trained to look for multiple styles. This does however make a lot of sense and it would keep a clean less confusing approach on the POS screen for the waiter.

You can mix and match this approach. You can put some instructions on item level if they are crucial and time sensitive some you can put at end. YOu can decide what you want your waitress to just write out based on customer request to reduce the amount of buttons/popups as well. Too many popups can be just as confusing if customer changes their mind.

There have been several styles discussed in this thread. You are set on doing it only the way you see it should be done, nothing wrong with that, but sometimes we can accomplish the same thing through different approaches and find out it may just be better. I am not saying your way is not a good way it may be. I am exploring more natural ways to setup SambaPOS for this process and so is @na1978

This is a public community so maybe more people will chime in and give you more ideas so you can finally rest on a design your happy with.