Selecting customer automatically

i am trying to do an automation but i can not succeed it.
*caller id generates a device event
*a ticket will be created
*the customer who is calling will be automatically selected for the ticket

how should i do this?
thanks to all…

Berkan default configuration works fine.

  1. When it rings popup appears.
  2. Clicking on popup displays customer details. You can verify customer address at that point.
  3. Click select customer if customer exists.
  4. Click new customer if customer does not exists, update details and click select customer.
  5. Ticket appears.

With this workflow you can…

  1. Create new customer records,
  2. Verify customer address before creating ticket.
  3. Delay ticket creation if you’re already creating another ticket while phone rings.

However @pizzaeilat4 deeply customized his workflow. If you give more details about your need maybe he can give some ideas.

sorry emre,
i wasn’t clear with my question. i want to do this on a terminal. so i added a rule to broadcast a message. so i managed to send the customer data to the terminal. at the terminal i displayed a pop up when message received. but when i click on the pop up it doesn’t copy the tel no to the customer search screen. so i deleted the display pop up rule and directly send the data to the screen with set widget value action. but it didn’t work too. so i decided to create a ticket when message i added a rule. i added two actions in it. 1- create ticket 2- change ticket entity and ticket entity takes the value from the message’s command. so sambapos created ticket but didn’t add the customer.
as you see i tried many ways but i couldn’t succeed :)))) could you please help me?
and if you have enough time i have another request. at sambapos v2 we could see the last ticket of the customer when they call. how could we do that at v4?
thank you very much.

I have an answer to that but I will try to find time soon to explain.
My wife is having a baby right now so … :smiley:


congratulations :))) i am happy for you :))) i am looking forward to hear from you. thanks…

Basically everything that you did all right you just have to know that in order for this to work you need to use a custom entity screen with Entity Search module. **NOT The Basic Entity search screen**
then you set a rull to Fire Set Widget Value action when popup clicked.

Congratulations @pizzaeilat4 :slight_smile:

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i tried that but when i click the pop up it doesn’t copy the data to the search bar. so i directly add a rule which starts with receiving message and uses the message command. now it directly copies the number to the search bar when a customer calls. i do not use display pop up action. but you must be in the search screen for this rule to work. if you are at another screen it does not display the search screen automatically.

try execute Change Ticket Entity action when Device Event Generated rull Fires

Please let me know if it works.
I can not check it out here right now

i do not have such an area. the list ends with update null entity. i think i have to upgrade the program. i will and let you know shortly. thanks.

The field for Entity Screen Name was added a few versions ago, but I can’t find the specific release. Best to upgrade to latest version.