Selecting one Ticket Tag to Deselect another Ticket Tag


I have theree ticket tags: Delivery, Waiting, Collection. These tags shows what type of takeaway orders we are taking. At the moment if i click Delivery then that is displayed correctly. If i also click Waiting after clicking Delivery it will display Delivery Waiting which is not what i want.

Is there a way i can select one ticket tag like Waiting which will automatically deselect Delivery if that was already selected.


You can make one button that will toggle between tags. Look up the simple to go dine in tutorial by @qmckay

Thanks for the reply. I have already looked into that. I can make it toggle using one button. But prefer to have the three tiket tags diplayed. If one is selected it is highlighted in colour and the other tag automatically deselected.

This is purly for user interface purpose as it makes it obvious to the user on type of order they are taking.

You can put untag action in each rule so it untags before it tags.

I am using sambapos 3. I do not have untag action under rules. I only have untag order, update ticket tag.

Ok sorry maybe should have said that in beginning.


Please explain how to create an untag action as I am interested in implementing this behaviour using version 4/5 .
So user clicks Collection and a collection tag is set and button turns green.
User clicks Delivery and Delivery tag is set, Collection tag is removed and collection button turns white. Delivery tag turns green.
User clicks Waiting In, and a Waiting In tag is set, if Collection or Delivery Tag is set remove them. Turn those buttons to white. Set Waiting In to be Green.
I know how to create buttons with tags, its the toggling (untagging) behaviour that I am struggling with.

Why you’re not using a single ticket tag with 3 values? Also if you can give more details about your desired workflow we can find another idea. From what you’ve described it sounds like using Ticket State feature will be more appropriate. You can find more info about ticket states here.

I have achieved the toggling behaviour using a single ticket tag with 3 values, using this tutorial.

However when I came across this post Kendash implied that you could achieve the same behaviour using 3 separate buttons and using “untag action in each rule”.
I think this would be better for my users.
One advantage of using three different buttons is that I am able to close tickets and return to them latter without having to select a customer first as long as I have “tagged” the ticket (similar to “HOLD”). This behaviour is very useful for my business model.
I do not seem to be able to close tickets in the same way if I use one button with 3 values. My setup of the button might be wrong.
The screenshot shows what I am trying achieve. As you can see “Collection” is green. When the user clicks “Delivery”, collection should go back to default color and delivery should be green with the tag updated to say just “Delivery”.
Is this possible?

I think I can use the “Tracking Number of Persons” tutorial to achieve what I want even if it is using 1 ticket tag for 3 values. This may in fact be a better way as I can enforce the user to select a option before closing the ticket.
I would still like to know if it is possible to toggle button colours by clicking on a different button and how to use the untag action in the scenario I described above.

@aminur you might be happy to know that because of your discussion a feature was implemented in v5 which we are beta testing right now.

@emre said:

Regarding this topic I've added templating & expression support for automation command button titles. 

<panel [='{TICKET TAG:Type}'=='Collection'?'red':'transparent']>Collection</panel>

This automation button command header will display button as red if ticket tag equals Collection. <panel> tag is also a new formatting tag for 5.1.29. It will make entire button background to display as defined color (not only label).

PS. sorry for how the quote is formatted it came from a forum category you cant see so it might have caused some weird display issue if I direct quoted it here.

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You guys work fast :smile:
In my dev team it would take a month just to discuss the issue before we even got round to opening visual studio and checking out the code!