Semi-finished food

Hello and thank you for SambaPOS!
I need help with creating semi-finished food, that will be sold later.

I created new point of sail and called it “Kitchen” and two “Warehouses” - one for products (ingredients) and one for ready semi-finished food (from this warehouse it can be sold).
I think that Chef at the kitchen can create an order with done semi-finished items, ingredients will be debited from first warehouse, and semi-finished items will be moved to ready for selling warehouse.

How can I create such process?


Hi and welcome to the forum!

I think there was a topic on this a couple months ago. Your best bet is to use the search feature in the forum and you should be able to find an existing solution. However I believe the solution would need V5 and you might struggle to get it to work on V4.

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Before asking I read the forum, but I did not found anything like that. It would be grate to see the link to same question. Thx.