Sending a single product to different Print Jobs

The Print Jobs let you select the Product Group and even the Product you want to send to a particular printer with an specific template.

The problem is that I have two menus and I want to send the orders to different Print Jobs respect to the menu they came from. Please notice that the same product can be referenced in both menus.

The Order Added To Ticket rule can fire an action to add order tags and/or order states. By using this information I would like to send orders to different print jobs.

Does anyone know how do this?

Just create separate print jobs and filter by state/tag You can fire more than one print job in a rule.


Thank you @Jesse. Should I add a rule Custom Constraint or a Constraint for the specific action that print orders?

I tried using a Custom Constraint for the entire rule:

{ORDER STATE:SourceMenu} - Is Equal - ‘Menu 1’ but it doesn’t seem to work

It confuses me if this conditionals are triggered per order or for the entire ticket!

Depends where they are.
If it were me I would make a custom print flow using order states set on order added they set the state in the print actions.
I do similar although different senario for all my kitchen/bar prints. Although mine are set based on menu item tags yours would be set based on menu on order added in similar process.
Ie state name of Printer A or Printer B and state of print.
The two print actions triggering the seperate jobs then key to print the corasponding state names of print.
Then like with default print flow a state update to change to printed like how new is changed to submitted.

@rodrigorila I think Ken means Order State parameters of Execute Print Job action.

When you use these parameters printing will work if an order exists with that order state and prints only these orders. So executing this action multiple times with different state filters won’t create multiple prints.

For example Print Orders to Kitchen Printer job always executes but prints only when ticket contains New orders.

So you can store selected menu as order state. Create two print jobs. One of them prints “menu 1” orders to “printer 1”, other print job prints “menu 2” orders to printer 2. You can execute both actions when print button clicked. If orders that have “menu 1” exists they’ll print from printer 1. If orders that have “menu 2” exists they’ll print from printer 2.