Sending items to different printers

hi i currently have a setup using 2 ipads for ordering, 2 printers, (1 in kitchen, 1 in bar), and one main unit display.

my question is. when i take an order through the ipads or the main screens, how can i specify what printer the ticket will go to.

for example when i take the following order:

2 x mojito’s
2 x pasta
1 x coca cola
1 x rice
3 x jd & coke

how can i get the system to send only the drinks to the bar printer, and only the food order to the kitchen printer.

i have looked through quite a few posts and not found anything related, maybe i am using the wrong wording when searching, if so i do apologise and if you could direct me to a post where this is already answered i will be grateful.

thank you