Separate Order for each person in Table

Hello @emre and team,

I would like to solve the below problem

  1. There are five people coming to a restaurant and sitting in a table, the table no is 1

  2. First Person is ordering Pizza and Coke
    Second Person is ordering Sandwich and Pepsi
    Third Person is ordering Chicken Meal

The order can be sent to the Kitchen Printers

My Question is

From the Kitchen Print, we should know first person ordered Pizza and Coke
Second Person ordered Sandwich and Pepsi…

Is it possible ?

Could use order tags/prefixes and free tagging.

This topic will give an idea about seat tracking.

This tutorial will also shows how to prepare grouped printouts. For your case you can group by seats.

Hello @emre,

John mentioned that its highly customized. Do we have any instructions to setup that ?

Probably, @JohnS, @QMcKay , @Jesse can help me


Any reply for this ?

@Jesse Do you have suggestion ?


Can you please help me on this ?


Please help me as well

@shmoulana what we can’t agree on is there is no single “Seat Tracking” feature that works fine for everyone. Some people creates separate tickets for every seat, some people tags orders. Some people just wants to link food and drinks and they automatically display drink selection popup when a food order added to ticket. More details takes place if first person wants his drink in advance and the other one wants it next to meal. How people pays their bills is another question. Without studying specific details of your operation whatever we suggest will not work fine your business. For this reason you need to implement your own solution. Tutorials we’re releasing are useful to understand how SambaPOS features works and the tutorial I’ve mentioned already contains a solution for seat tracking. Please understand we won’t be able to find time for anything if we start to implement private solutions for every member. As you implement your solution we’re ready to answer your questions about specific SambaPOS funcitons or develop missing features for you. That’s all we can do.

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