Separate TAX SERVICE by waiter

Is there any chance to set up an action or rule to assign a waiter to a table, so that at the end of the working period each one gets the exact amount that he or she worked?

I have only one SAMBA CASHIER PC on each restaurant and have two or three wiaters depending on the day. I am the one who operates the soft…



working with users in the report will show sales for each user

Alternatively you can configure a Ticket Tag Group and create sub tags as Waiter Names. That will display ticket totals by Waiters.

I don’t know what is Tax service but if you’ve meant tips I think you can solve it by configuring multiple tip calculations and tip accounts for each waiter but it might be a little hard to manage configurations for new users.

yes, I know, but the only user is ME… just ME at the cashier, using samba… changing user every time Ihave to add items to a ticket is crazy… and I have an average of 40 tables in 3 hours on a saturday…


the waiter must assign the entire table or individual dishes?

whole table… to one waiter…



HEY!!! you are everywhere, jajajajajajajja
Service Tax (Taxa de Serviço) is a rule, is automatically calculated in every table, its the wiaters salary here in brazil.

I am facing a problem, until today, all waiters did get the same amount, but I have noticed that some where being a little bit lazy, relaying in others…



then says emre, ticket tag group!
how to use it with ponies delivery.
with tag assign a table to a waiter.
by tags make reports

Ticket TAGS sounds good enough to try it out, could you please point me in the correct direction, if it is not much trouble?



create a ticket tag “waiter”
as sub tags the names of the waiters
give a map
when you open a table, select the name of the waiter.
in the report will show sales for the waiter.

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Thanks to ALL!!!

I managed to implement this and works… However it show me the total amount that the waiter sold…
Is there any chance that we can add a line so the report shows how much the calculations of the ticket are for that waiter? I have a calculation (Service Tax, wich is 10%).

Thanks again to ALL!!


The only easy way to show service tax for each waiter is to create a service tax item for each waiter (Service Tax - JS) and assign that to a ticket when you select the waiters name.
Then on the WPR It will show as Service Tax - JS.
Or you could take the Ticket Tag total and multiple it by 0.09 to get 10%.