Seperate courses with line, then sort alphabetically

I’ve got a unique use case.

We need to be able to put a line in between items to seperate courses (forum already covers this).

However within each course, we would like items to also group together (either alphabetically or via product tags).

I know both these things are possible independently (through a zero priced line item “————-“ as well as group tags).

However, is it possible to combine both these options together so the kitchen order gets printed in seperate courses AND THEN each course has items sorted alphabetically or via group tags?

I’m really stumped on how to achieve this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

PS. I’m trying to achieve this via a mobile client if possible.

Onscreen in app, pretty slim chance

As for course split and grouping these ate print template configerations.

This is not possible with mobile client. It is possible in SambaPOS.

Ok let’s scratch mobile client. How would this be possible with the main terminal?

Try that discussion I think it has information about this.

Yep, the line separator is no issue. However how do I alphabetically group items that are in the first course, and then alphabetically group items that are in the second course?

Not so sure on sorting as never something ive looked at but personally I would look at grouping for course rather than seperator line…