Sepparating point for PORTIONS

I know there are much more important question than this one, but, could it be possible to change in the display and the print the sepparating point for the order tags into something like a space?



Can you elaborate it ? Couldn’t understand what you mean here :slight_smile:

Sure. I When you add an order that has a portion, the portion tag is sepparated with a . (point)
for example in the screen that I attached you have Camarão Alho & Oleo sepparated with . from Com Batatas. In this case Com Batatas is a portion.



Gerlandog on your first question you’re asking separating point for order tags so that confused me a little. Are you asking removing point character from portion suffixes or using a different character instead of point? I don’t think making it configurable to use different characters will be useful a lot but if more people thinks we should completely remove point character and use space instead I can do it.

Without separation would be confusing if you don’t name the portions correctly.
If it was configurable, I would like to be able to configure the prefix and suffix, so we could use ( ) or [ ] for example.

I was asking if you could change the point for some space or if @JohnS´s idea is not that complicated it would be great!!