Server log in failed

We have one server and two other computers connecting to the server
When we try to log in from the server samba does not log in it stays on the log in page
But when we log in using the other two computers it works properly
Seems like server does not communicate with the db
How can I solve this

Not login sugestd wrong pin, is same pin as othr machines posibly wrong db, try 1234 as default to see if connection dtring maybe has typo, is no ecisting db but instance etc are correct samba creates a default db in that name.
Connection string can be checked in the setting.txt in program files.

Thank you for your response
I tried the default 1234 but it never worked.
Is there a way I can change the dbstring? The file settings.txt has a backup and it keeps backing the original whenever I change or delete it

Change the string in the txt…