Set meal, selecting a product (Set Meal) to allow other free product to be add


Anyone manage to solve the problem with Set Meals. For example “set Meal for 2-3 persons” when I add this product. Other 10 product is free, 2 product from Soup menu, 2 product from salads menu and so on.


Order Tags can do this for you.
There has been much discussion on this. @Isaac has some really good examples and solutions.

Thanks for reply,

I am new to this, its seem to be bit complicate to do, point to any example would be appreciated

I really depends on what you want and how your products are setup.
Order Tags would be your best choice here.

Thanks, looks like. I need to create whole menu category with order tag (I need product from almost all menu).

Its seems to work OK, but one problem I am getting is what if user need to add 2 product of same thing, tag allow once click tag again product will clear.

In Order Tag List set you Max Quantity to 2.

I was thinking that maybe we could do something like here Set menu bundle, where for every Set Meal we allow X free mains, Y free desserts, etc. Instead of selecting certain combinations of items to get a free item, you select a Bundle, and then you get so many free choices.