Set Value Meal Or Daily Promotion

i have a new scenario i want to set value meal on each day during certain time with special discount and offer. i need guidance on this.


1)During LUNCH time
Main Course
TUES – Tuna Melt Sandwich with fries Or Roasted Turkey Pasta
WED – Roasted Chicken Pasta
All Set Lunch come with Soup, Dessert & Drink of the Day at Only S$12.90+



@Jesse i have followed your steps to set monday promotion from this link

single item happy hour

and i use this rule

but its not working

after changing the rule its working

refer here for time rue setting

for 1 and 3 above i used order tag

and added this rule

but the constraint is not working ??

why this is happening to me again!!!

What do you mean with “constraint is not working”… what do you expect to happen? What happens?

oooops soorry i put it other way round…was sleepy i guess

the condition was suppose to be Fri|Sat

the dinner set is valid from Sun to thu so on fri or sat the dinner product should be disabled. So the rule cancels the order

and shows message to the user