Setting a target prep time

Is it possible to have a preparation time set so that the kitchen ticket shows the time that the order is required rather than the time it was ordered?

For example, a client orders a pizza at 19 00 h, the server says 30 minutes, the ticket says 19 30 h.

A fixed time for each product would be fine.

I have searched through the forum and the Tutorial. There’s lots of really fancy stuff but, I can’t see anything as basic as this.

Many thanks for your help, as always.

I wouldnt change the ordered time, Why not just add a ticket tag for required time and add that tag to your kitchen display template.

A way of printing the time of ordering plus 20 minutes would be great, is that easy to do?

Dont know of samba has a helper for times like that but might be easier to do using a simple jscript
Dates give me anxiety LOL, I generally find it easiest to work in timestamp adding mil secs then converting to date.

Yep, that’s miles above my paygrade; I wouldn’t know where to start. Maybe someone out there can help…