Setting and Displaying a Credit Limit

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From @emre short reply here we are to assume:
By creating a Custom Field (spelled exactly like) Credit Limit and adding a value to a Entity:Customer like say $100 to that field then that Customers Account will be limited to sales to Customer Account of $100.

First Point:
This works correctly!, but I could not find out where the heck this hidden field feature was introduced? Any pointers would be great as I spent time looking to see if there had to be automation or a payment processor to actually reveal {ENTITY DATA:Credit Limit|}. I can only assume this is hard coded - correct?

Second Point:
Secondly, by implementing emre second step infers all Customers now must have a Credit Limit entry? Is there any method possible to only effect 1 customer when changing Setup rule for customer account type as Credit? It would be very inefficient to create individual Account Types for every customer.

[Note: I had tailored a system whereas we had Master Account Type Rule, then on the Account i.e. Customer we had a Sub Rule which overrode the Master. This method allows Master Account Type to be Default but an indivdual Customer with Bad Credit to have a limit so set as Credit.

Third Point:
How did the very missed #JohnS get his Ticket Tile header to display exactly what I have being trying to do in my previous thread using State Default Display Syntax?

I note @emre you asked him how to set that up :smile:

If the account has a limit using payment processor this presumably wouldnt stop an order being made and a large ticket built to only then find the account doesnt have enough credit to be used.
Could something not be done on order added/ticket total changed which roughly has constraint of account balance + ticket total > entity data: credit limit on say an ask question action with message of account limit met?
Just an idea…

how can i delete a transaction from a customer account? is there a way to reset customer account or clear the details.?

Are you using V4 or V5? Also are you just wishing to clear 1 customer only and leave other customer “as is”?

There are lots of links found if wish to clear all transactions, but I think if you need to clear just one Customer you may need to use some custom SQL.

Here is a sample link:

You also have in V5 the Samba Market Task as well:

I would assume, however, you check these already and just need to deal with 1 unique Customer. WARNING Both Links above deal with ALL Transaction DATA and in any case ensure you have a backup!

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Is there a way to show a message if the ticket is a customer ticket only not on all tickets?

This is my rule, it’s being triggered every time I add an item to the ticket even if it’s not a customer ticket

I dont think that action constraint is valid.

If you && {ENTITY NAME:Cusomter} != ‘’ or similar as rule constraint depending on setup, something like that it should exclude if no customer selected.

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Just use a custom constraint {ENTITY NAME:Customers} Is Not Null

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Thanks! Works like a charm :slight_smile:

I am trying to check if the ticket total is more than the credit limit. I want this action to be triggered only if the customer balance is becoming greater than the set credit limit. I want this to be checked when an item is added to the ticket.

Let’s assume credit limit is $50, customer balance is $40 and I try to add a lager for $11, this is when I want this action to be executed and cancel last order since it’s exceeding the credit limit.

So don’t use action. Constraint since it’s the only action in the rule. Use a custom constraint.

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Thanks now working perfectly.

Hi Jesse,
Can offer some details on this?