Setting command button value in Ticket Lister


In ticket lister settings we have an option to create command buttons. Can we also set those command values? Usually, their value is TICKET NO, but can we change it to TICKET TAG?


Have not used but imagin it would be CommandName={TICKET TAG:TagNane}


Tahnk you. Command Name=Command Name:{TICKET TAG:TagName} works


UPD: Actually It is not working. I was thinking it works because {TICKET TAG:TagName} was entered to Command Value field. As soon as i removed it, again Ticken No is sent.


You can use this syntax to append parameters to command buttons.
Parameters are basically "Key=Value" values. That part starts with a semicolon. Values are quoted and separated with commas.

Caption=CommandName:"TicketId=$1","TicketTag={TICKET TAG:TagName}"

In the rule you handle the command use keys to read parameter values. For example you can read ticket tag value with [:TicketTag]
$1 allows you to append selected ticket’s id. You can also read it with [:TicketId] inside rule.


In this case the rule is not executed.