Setting Minimum Charge Per Customer


I have yet to implement the SambaPOS system as I am still doing the networking and setting up the database.

There are certain areas in my restaurant where it is strictly for sit down dinner/lunch. We have a minimum charge per customer on these tables (this deters people walking and sitting and having meetings for 2 hours whilst only ordering a drink each). How would I go about this?

The question is: How do want it to work for you?

First, start with searching the forum for Person Count or Guest Count.

You could have a fixed rate “product” that is added to the Ticket in the Quantity of the Guest Count.

Or, you could use a Ticket Calculation that is added to the Ticket as a charge based on the Guest Count.

Or, maybe something else… SambaPOS is very flexible so that you can suit its operation to your needs or requirements.