Setting up an order tag to show up in the kitchen display

We have a roller rink. Most of our food items are either pre-packaged or prepared ahead of time. The only exception is pizza and the occational time we run out of food times that we have prepared ahead of time. While we are making more, we will sell some until they are done.

I’ve setup an order tag called “Need to prepare.” My idea is to select the “Need to prepare” order tag for it to show up in the kitchen display when it’s sold. That way we know what has already been sold (and who/where it goes). I have a rule that works with a custom constraint of “‘Menu Item Group Code’ Equals ‘Pizzas’”. However I can’t get the “Menu Item Tag” to fire under any circumstance. I’ve tried “Contains”, “Equals”, “Matches”, “Starts” & “Ends” with multiple versions of “Need to prepare” using only the word “Need” and “prepare”. I’ve removed the “Menu Item Group Code” line and only used “Menu Item Tag” to try to figure out how to get it to fire. But it still won’t fire.

I’m not sure what I’m missing. Or if I’m going about this all wrong.

Thanks for your help.


Think you need to add the order tag “Need to Prepare” to the ticket list setting on your kitchen display

Show a screen shot of you ticket list settings I’m guessing you’ve got “Pie Shaped” listed so it will only display orders with that tag. You need to add “Need to Prepare”. Pretty sure it’s just a comma separated list so it needs to be:

Pie Shaped,Need to Prepare in the tag settings

Thanks RickH for taking the time to help me with this.

The order tag for pizza is how the customer would like to have their pizza cut (pie shaped or squares).

I’m assuming the “Menu Item Tag” means “Order Tag”. Is this correct?