Setting Up Timer For Each Table

Hello there,Is there is any way to setup time while opening up the table.For example Table 1 opened for 1 hour,after reaching an hour.A notification/alert will be displayed to remind the user to close the ticket.I am not sure if its possible with samba pos,Please advice.Thanks.

What you are trying to do? Does waiters forgets closing tickets?

I think he might mean Settle the Ticket, not Close it. If a Ticket is on-screen for an hour, things are not very busy :wink:

In any case, you would need to check either:


… on a periodic basis.

Maybe using a Trigger Event set to 1 minute?

Or maybe the japanese style restaurant that limits the time that you can eat at a table

Hello emre,

I am trying to utilize the sambapos for karaoke.So sambapos will have room number instead of tables and for each room can have time limit.For instance room A for 2 hours.So once the ticket is opened/created for the specific room,the clock will start ticking and sambapos should notify the user if the time exceeded the limit.So the time packages will be included on the product panel.

The flow. ticket package (example 2 hrs)
3.take-in orders.
3.user should be notified if the time is exceeded.

I really don’t know if its possible.Will be awesome if can.Thanks in advance and pardon my English.

I think this can be done, you could use the existing table system and just change the name to Rooms and change the table numbers to be room numbers, both those are easy to change in the entity settings

A timer can also be done, ive never needed to setup a timer but other people have used it to automatically start and end happy hour prices so your setup would be similar only instead of changing prices you would set it to display a message to say the time was up

Have a search of the forum for timers and happy hour and look at the setups and see what you can adapt and any problems just ask, someone who knows the setup will be able to help you out :slight_smile:

What @qmckay listed above is exactly what you need.

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Sorry i didnt read up the message to tell him that lol

There you go @0x00_bytes its all there for you :slight_smile:

Thanks guys,will try to implement that.But It will be helpfull if there is any step by step tutorial on that.Thanks.

There is its in this forum. You would have to search for it however. Look up triggers, and look up ORDER STATE MINUTES there may not be a specific tutorial for exactly what you want but there is enough information you could put it together.

Who knows after your done maybe you could contribute a tutorial on how you achieved it :stuck_out_tongue:

That definitely sounds interesting. Never thought of using SambaPOS like that before.

Sure then,will try my best. :sunglasses:
thanks kendash.

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Any updates on this? I am interested on a timer to be displayed near to each table with the time counting since each order was made.
Anyone has already the set up and give us a help?


Youve just asked this in another post, please only ask the same question once in one post. Creating multiple posts wont get you anymore help, in fact it will have the opposite effect

You said i your other post your using V3, this forum does not support V3 and you wont find the answer to your question here. Most people like myself started using samba at V4 and have never used V3, those that did use V3 and have moved onto V4 and V5 that some us are testing wont be interested in trying to solve a question related to V3 when we are now 2 versions ahead with much more functionality. Dont forget that the help in this forum is from business owners that have spent time building their own systems from scratch, people wont want to try to solve a V3 issue when it isnt somehing they would use themselves

That said im pretty shre what your asking for can be done in V5 so again my advice is to upgrade to V4, then V5 when released
Multi language is coming to V5, we dont know when yet but its in the pipeline, until then there are some ways around it such as using product tags. Once you upgrade youll find much more help in this forum with hints and tips around problems, but im afraid people wont help with V3

And trust me the functtionality is much more advanced than V3, you can do so much more especially in V5 :slight_smile: