Setting up to accomodate my concept


I’ve been trying to setup SambaPOS to fit into the concept we have but I’ve been having troubles. There are five possible scenario’s which can happen.

  1. Dine-in

  2. Take away

  3. Customer calls ahead for take away

  4. Customer calls for delivery

  5. Quick service

  6. Dine-in is easy and I’ve already have this setup with seating arrangement, menu’s and everything.

  7. Take away is also self explanatory, customer steps into the restaurant, orders and expects it to bo ready asap.

  8. Customer calls ahead for take away, same as #2 except we give the customer a time frame (ussualy 15 minutes) in which his order will be ready, the call time and given time should be on the ticket.

  9. Customer calls for delivery. I’m already able todo this with the callerid module and everything. Except I need a different screen where I can see all the tickets with Google Maps to mark their location and also tickets which haven’t been marked as delivered whould be on top. Also I should be able to mark a ticket which the name of the person delivering it.

  10. After 23:00 we switch over to quick service, we have a limited menu which is ready made. If somebody orders something that person will get his order immediately. Because of the high volume everything should be as quick as possible so I don’t need the cash screen or anything. The employee just taps on the items and then taps on total.

I’ve been trying to implement this using departments and entities but I’ve been unable todo it, can anybody help me out with pointers or ready made databases?

You wont get a ready made database unless you try an add and pay for it, its a very specific list and also database sharing is not encouraged and also you would need someone with exact same setup…

Most of your points about quoted time and call time etc would be easily added to ticket with ticket tag.

This would be say by changing menu based on ticket created time.
If you add a custom ticket state to this flow you could tweek which buttons show - ie dont show settle button and just show fast cash buttons.

You haven’t given much detail in the differences other than phone orders need time etc so hard to make any recommendations… are they same menus, same prices?

Not used the google maps setup myself but pretty sure you can place pins like that… although as said not used it myself.
You could look at kitchen display setup with how that widget works for some other ideas.