Settle Button Not Working

Hello guys, i’m new to v5 using the unregistered trial and so far its been okay. I wanted to remove the tables and customer search on the pos menu and i did this by going to entity screens under entities and moving the mapping to POS but when i tried to settle a bill, the button keeps clicking but no payment screen. i have obviously done something wrong but I cant seem to find the solution…any help??

Have you changed the settle button rule?

oh I think I solved it… Basically when setting up the order tags, I didnt mark the add tag price to order price box in general settings. When I did that, it went to the payment screen

but is that the right way to go straight to the pos menu because in my menu, i might need to select a new customer or a previous customer and its not working

That shouldn’t stop you going to settle screen…

Do you have a required tag which isnt getting set?

Not too sure what you mean there, you can set select entiy as ticket creation or create ticket which takes you straight to pos screen.

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yh i tried that but it didnt work so i kept messing around until i got to entity screen in entities then clicked on each of the screens navigated to mappings and set the visibility to POS. that actually worked

If you have order tags set to have a Minimum amount, then you’ll never be able to get the settle screen to come up unless you have set that minimum criteria.

Was something a client took a while to grasp :slight_smile:

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Can’t remember if having a minimum forces auto select or not.
Auto select is the answer to that as can’t close the tag screen without setting minimum tags if set.

No it dont. You have to select… unless there’s a check box I’m missing to force.


Auto select tick box on the menu category product properties popup table will auto select the product on adding showing the portion/tag page.

Doesn’t it display “Select at least X tags…” message?

It says “x remaining” in the Order Tag section that requires a selection. However, it is very easy to miss, since it does not stand out in any way (it just blends in with the Tag Group Name).

And if you don’t have Auto-select enabled in the Menu for that Product, you never see the message unless you select the item on the Ticket display to reveal the Order Tag selection screen.

This is what happens when you don’t have Auto Select for the Menu Item, and you try to close/settle the Ticket… this notification is pretty good. Something that would make it even better would be to automatically select the Order to open the Tag screen when a person clicks “Ok” on this dialog. EDIT: but the question remains: Which Order on the Ticket requires a Tag selection? What if there are more than a single Order that require selections?

The notification for Minimum required selection on the Tag screen could be improved. It should stand out more. Maybe something like this?


Thanks guys…was able to solve the issues successfully…it was due to the minimum amount I displayed. I had to edit take it zero and it worked. The only problem I have now is understanding the customer accounts, and how to bring up a voucher code in settle screen instead of just clicking voucher.

You treat vouchers like customers (as entities) so they have separate accounts rather than just being a payment type of voucher.
You then have to allocate the voucher entity to the ticket which will enable the voucher ACCOUNT button rather than using the voucher payment type button which you can unmap/diable.

Posted a few work period adjustments to account for accounts on work period report.