Setup For Retail?

I have been looking at a few POS systems and I like the fact that I have full control over Sambapos and how it works. I understand I have a lot to learn but was wondering if some of these features will be possible.

  1. Reprint receipts from withing the POS screen.

  2. Create a layaway where a customer makes a partial payment against a product. I keep product until it is paid in full.

  3. A journal of all past sales from within the POS Screen with option to reprint selected receipt.

  4. Issue store credit for a returned item.

  5. Multi store support. I know its not possible with v4 but will it be an option with v5?

  6. Is Work periods the same and Opening and ending daily sales?

  1. Yes. You can put your own buttons nearly anywhere within the system, and have them fire any action you wish.

  2. Yes. Using the Accounting system.

  3. Yes.

  4. Yes.

  5. Yes.