Setup inventory 2 kitchen

I have 2 kitchen : kitchen at Store and Kitchen Productionat other place to make prepped product.

Kitchen Production to make Prepped product :
1.Make chicken meat with spices, there 3 kind chicken, ex: Chicken Original, Chicken black, Chicken Hot, and other meat
2. Make spices, such as spices for barbecue, spices for fried, chili, etc

every day we production prepped product at kitchen production maybe 100 pcs meat, 2 kg spices, etc, sometimes with different quantity.
After production we sent to store kitchen to sell.

At Kitchen Store, we make become many product meat, chicken.

So How To make inventory for 2 kitchen.

I have to make all inventory item.
But how to make production product at kitchen production?

in Samba Pos V5, Has it support prep ticket without sale for semi production product?