Setup Multi Brand Kitchen


I am running a Takeaway/Online Kitchen which has got Multiple Brand in single kitchen. is it possible to configure SambaPOS to print bills with 2 different Brand Logo depending on which Brand is selected?

Menu and Bill No. can be common just the Brand Logo will change.
If the Menu and Bill No can change, that will be even better.

one idea that i have is, i can make each brand as a Department and Print tickets based on Department. Is that configuration Possible.

Kindly let me know if i need to be more clear with my question. i can share example if required.

I am new to this community and still a novice learner :slight_smile:

Yes on all cases, provided they are not needing crossover department and ticket type could be used which will split reports and can make 2 ticket number counts.
Menu can be set by department or changed using action to switch menu.
Print can be a selerate print job/action by deparment etc or ternary or just a tag or something.

This is awesome. if you would be kind enough to share some link posts which can help me understand the configuration it will be great. Thank you!

use the forum search, will be plenty to read up on.

Sure already on it. Thanks again :slight_smile: