Setup Windows To Run Samba as The Only Program & as a Service

Can someone please give a brief tutorial on how to configure windows so that samba is a service and also one the only programs that runs.

I have a tablet that I would like to minimize what runs on it so that samba has more cpu to use up.

I know I had asked someone on here how to do this but lost the brief tutorial they had given and cant find the post. This tutorial will do the community good however as its something we should all do on our workstations.


@emre already wrote one while back let me find it for you.

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Does that tutorial help me achieve making samba one of the only programs running? @kendash

Im thinking of not even running explorer.exe
I have a fanless shuttle that I just purchased and It works awesome, ill post some reviews later, but im trying to remove any load from windows on the cpu that I can because I can see the cpu peak sometimes and samba lags slightly when adding prefixes and ordertags together.

That runs ONLY sambaPOS instead of explorer. So yes SambaPOS is the only process running.

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