Share DB on LAN to make it faster over WiFi


Running three Remote Terminals ( Win 10 Tabs - Quad Core and 4Gb Ram ) on WiFi using Router and Two D-Link Range Extenders.


It works fine when there are Few Tables Active and Tickets are smaller in Size. But when there are Large Tickets and Several Tables active it becomes very slow and sometimes it crashes.


I was thinking is it possible to share the MSSQL 2012 // mdf files under DATA Folder over WiFi Lan on each Terminals and run each terminals as if it is connected to its own SQL Server.

As the db file is shared among the terminals, it should refresh all the terminals with same Entities and Data.

Will this work ?

or If you have any other suggestion to improve the performance of POS

No that won t be possible. There is an android order taking app that is very fast. I recommend it for table order taking. It is only for taking orders it won t take payments.


Improve your wifi, range extenders will have reduced throughput as will be receiving and sending.
Also look at the android app.

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He have V4. Try upgrade to V5 first, it does have a bit network optimize.

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Thanks i will try V5,

If i buy one license for V5 for server where db is installed, will it work with additional terminals in the restaurant or do i have to buy license for each terminal.

If one License is running on Main System, do i have to run other terminals with trial mode or it will automatically become valid and not show unregistered product on terminals.

Do i need to buy mobile app for each mobile in same restaurant ? or i can buy one and install on other phones in my restaurant.

Samba licence for DB not terminal so will cover all sambapos Windows installs running of that DB.

Android app licences are per device

If i buy V5 for one restaurant, then will the other terminals still be on unregistered trial

Again, a licence is per DB not per terminal.
If you have 5 terminals on a single DB then you need one licence, the database is licenced.
If you have multiple locations or running multiple systems/DB at one location you will need additional licence(s)

you are not understanding what i am asking.

My query is if i purchase a V5 license and run on main server, the subsequent terminals will run on lan , so will they still show unregistered version on logo on additional terminals or will they show just sambapos logo as the main server is licensed.

Your not listening to what I’m saying.
If they run on the same database terminals will run from the licence used on the DB, you don’t need a licence per terminal.
Once activated NO the other terminals will not show as unregistered so long as they run from the SAME Database.

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Lol I’ll simplify it. V5 License is for unlimited terminals per venue. So you can have all the terminals you want but if you have other venue locations then each venue would need it’s own license.

The mobile app needs a license for each device you plan to use it on. So if you have 3 Android tablets you would need 3 mobile licenses.

The short answer is you need to buy only one license in your case.

Then you need to setup all other terminals in your restaurant to point at that particular db(which has the license). In your case, the server you are talking about. There is a tutorial in how to set the multi terminal in v5. I am not sure whether the installation procedure is the same between two version but the way I do mine V5s are like build one system with all the menus and such, backup the db in zip file. Put that file in an USB drive or put in share folder. Over the terminals, I DL a fresh copy of V5, go settings, point the db connection to the server, save and quit the Samba. Run Samba again, it should be all done after it cache the new menus, data and so forth automatically.

mobile app license seems to be per mobile device even in same restaurant.

Thank you all for the insight.

I understand about buying one license per restaurant or store or business, as long as other terminals are connected to the licensed database/server/terminal.

What i meant to ask is :- What happens to the terminals which are connected to the licensed Database Server, will the terminals still be unregistered SambaPOS Terminals, or will they display SambaPOS Logo on the LAN Terminals because they are on licensed network.

I hope you get what my query is.

And thanks for your help so far.

LOL, why would they stay showing unregistered trial?
Licence is in database, all terminals connect to database, so the licence is used by all terminals on the database.
As I said NO all terminals on the database with licence will show as registered/active licence.

Understood. Thanks. Thats all i wanted to know.