Share Ideas and Backups


Hey Guys;

I have an idea to share our backups and ideas on one post, that may helpful for a lot of people beginners when they open the backup and study what happened inside and know how to do the same things or create new ideas according to what they see in backups.


Theres already a database sharing topic for V4, we dont share backups of V5 due to licencing


Ok, great and thanks for info


Also while it’s a nice idea most looking for help don’t see a backup as an example but as a prebuilt solution and just ends up in more complex questions when they mess with a premise config without understanding it and get themselves in a tight mess. They don’t study it just use it blindly.


If you want to share, you can create tutorials and also export the parts of your setup that correspond to the functionality you added using Database Tools. This means others can easily import your feature into their existing setup.


I have to say if it wasnt for some shared backups from V4 and the small amount of tutorials (Thanks to those who have helped others!) I woudnt be able to use or learn the little I know about Sambapos.

What is the issue with the licensing on V5 that prevents anyone from sharing a db??

I am working on a setup compiled from at least 3 shared db. Plus some tutorials, but I am yet to be were I want to be and have no way to progress because I dont know how to implement what I want in Sambapos.
Sure community helps a lot, but takes lots of time, and we all have businesses to run…
There is no detail documentation on how a person can learn.


You can learn a lot with tutorials. Do them even if you think you won’t need it. That’s better than any pre-built dB.


V5 databases can sometimes contain license details which may mean you unknowingly include your license, then can also cause you to have activation problems on your original database. I am sure there are other reasons too.

There is a search function on the forum. If you want some specific feature, search for it. I doubt you won’t find something. If you can’t find it, start a new topic, and if it exists already I am sure someone will point you in the right direction, or help you out.

I would consider myself quite experienced with SambaPOS now, having implemented many setups now as a reseller for over 3 years. I have never used a pre-built database, other than out of curiosity. I did not “learn” anything from a pre-build databases. Their purpose - to give a quick start for some businesses. I do not feel there is any learning potential from someone setting up something already for you, plus it will never match exactly what you need.

I learnt everything I know from looking at tutorials, implementing some features, then from doing that getting a thorough understanding of how the system works. From this, I believe I now know quite quickly how something can be implemented, or at least I know what to look for if I need some help.

So, in conclusion, I think there is plenty of solutions on the forum to help you out whatever you need to implement.


Excuse me for all, the search is not helpful for beginners, all of here, most of them, are working on tutorials and answer people questions in a professional way, you here people treat with everyone as in the same level of you, and when they ask for details, the short answer being share tutorials of main document while they ask for a point, most for a sample point. also a lot of samples in tutorials you share in here when they try to apply them it failure, in case of missing anything of it. I know you do your best in help people but we need to make a department for beginners and answer beginners as beginners.

I know I will find a reply with we do and we share, but believe me, it is not too helpful for beginners.


What do you suggest for beginners? Prebuilt database? How does that help a beginner understand it? I was a beginner once and what helped me the most were tutorials and searching the forum and asking questions. The interaction with forum helped a lot as well. Prebuilt databases typically left me feeling confused and most often than not I broke something and couldnt figure out what. Tutorials on the otherhand forced me to practice the foundations of rules, actions, etc. The tutorials were and still are the beginners best resource. There are beginner level tutorials as well as advanced ones, there is also a wiki with great documentation.

99% of the tutorial failures typically is due to a beginner trying to tackle a very advanced tutorial before they even attempt the smaller ones or before they even try to understand the basics. The rest of the failures typically are typo, or spelling/punctuation mistakes. Often beginners do not follow the tutorial exact they make small mistakes like instead of typing a printer tag {DATE} they would type {date} or {Date} even though the tutorial clearly shows {DATE} and in that case only {DATE} was valid the others would fail.

My point is I have been a beginner just like you and Tutorials are the best method to learn. Try to start small study the printing tutorials first and then move into accounting, or inventory, then once you get a grasp of rules and actions try some more advanced ones.

Eventually you will get enough understanding to attempt some of the really advanced stuff. Please do not expect the community to just do the work for you because your a beginner. You have to understand that nobody here is obligated to help anyone and if some of the more advanced community members do not feel like helping beginners step by step a very advanced request please understand that it is ok. They are not obligated to spend their free time trying to help a beginner understand something that they know is going to be a lot of work for them.

Your best resource as a beginner is the tutorials especially the basic ones like printing tutorial. Most of those tutorials were written by an advanced community contributor and most often that member spent a LOT of time writing them specifically for beginners to understand.

I have spent weeks writing a single tutorial and multiple hours a day during that week just so someone on a forum that doesn’t pay me any money whatsoever can benefit. @QMcKay has done the same as well. Neither of us get paid for the time we spend here. I will be honest and say that sometimes I see a beginner asking questions about advanced stuff and I shy away because I know i will commit a lot of my free time trying to help that person but most often I will try to help anyway.

Then I see a beginner post something on here about how we are mean and not very helpful… yet I read their requests and most of the time they are not happy unless we do allt he work for them…they are really not interested in learning they just want their automation to work so they can make money in their business with it. I cant fault them for that… but they need to understand this is a community and you only get out of it what you can put into it.

Sorry for the long winded post but my final thought on this is that after spending years coming to this forum multiple hours every day… just so I can learn and help others learn and help make SambaPOS better I can say with confidence that sharing databases and backups is not the best method for Beginners to learn. Tutorials are the best method hands down.


Calm down my friend, why you so offensive like that!!! I’m trying to say my opinion.

Of-course what you said is right, But. In more cases a lot of people here are coming because they manage a business, and I’m not speaking about the normal or standard or basics, I’m speaking about that advanced points you spoke about. most of us doesn’t so professional to do it as exactly what it shared as screenshots, most are needed these tutorials to use in their database but they get with a lot of errors.

Of course you have a time to explore and study the problem and being sure about DATE or Date, but I’m speaking here for those have no time to study and have ready business to manage and needs a system to start. Of course with a small background in how to use backups or to importing SQL tool files.

Finally, I’m discussed a point, so my friend take it easy this is not personal issue


I am totally not offended I just wanted to offer our side of it since you mentioned.

You must be confused… I am a business owner and community member just like you and the people you spoke about… I just happend to follow tutorials and learn to the point that I can give back to the community. But please do not confuse me with someone that only has time to come here. I own a very busy restaurant and its one that I have to work in as an employee to survive. @QMcKay is a business owner just like me as well. We are no different than anyone else that comes here owning a business. We just spent some time to learn it.


Ok, sorry to confused you, I thought you are working in support team. Anyway this only my opinion and wish you a good day.


Its understandable you would think that because frankly we act like a support team… no other POS company has customers that do that lol.

The truth is that this forum has no official support team. It is driven by community members which are business owners. There is only 2 people in this forum associated with SambaPOS and that is Tayfun and Emre.

Anyway sorry for being so long winded it really wasnt you that set me on that course. I see a lot of people that come here expecting results without spending a little time trying to learn it. SambaPOS was just not built that way, you will have to spend time learning it and the best way is tutorials, making those mistakes help you understand it better. When you make a mistake come here and ask us for help most of us are willing to help.


I can understand what you face all the day in members questions, but there really are some ideas hard to implement and if we (beginners) make it, we will make it as a copy and paste to can use without understanding anything, and most of times it not works. So why not, the hard implemented at least you can add to Configuration Task, it can helpful for that needs a professional user.
You can categorize the feature, and of-course you have the experience enough to determine what in class A, B, C and so on according to how much the feature is hard to do or easy to learn.


Configuration tasks are great for that yes and the original goal of them was to get community involved in making them and start sharing them. Community basically didnt act interested because Configuration Task Creation is advanced. So as far as configuration tasks are concerned,unless more people want to dedicate the time to write them for the beginners to use… it isnt going to happen any time soon.

Those beginners you talk about do not give the advanced users any incentive to write Configuration tasks. We write them and beginners use them but give NOTHING back… it takes a lot of time and effort to write configuration tasks. I know I have written 7 of them.

We need something to make it worthwhile to write configuration tasks.


The bottom line is that Tutorials will be the best method for beginners. There will not be other resources for beginners that are better than tutorials. They also have the community to interact with and ask questions about tutorials which is powerful as well.

Unless we start getting paid for some of this you wont see many of us advanced users spending multiple hours a day writing config tasks, or videos, or elaborate pictures specifically for beginners.

What you will see is us writing tutorials because it interests us. We feel its cool and we want to share it.


Can I ask you a question? what is the important to you, people use the system or learn it. I think the first is important, we are users, we are not going to implement it or teach it. This is the main point we different in discussion


SambaPOS is a different system… if you want a system that you can just pay someone to imeplement a feature then you may want to look for that system. SambaPOS requires you to learn it to implement it. It gives you power over your system that the other POS cant.

You must understand that. SambaPOS is not just a cheap POS. You cant just download it and use it because its cheap and then come here and expect to get advanced features without learning how to implement them. SambaPOS gives you the power to do just about any custom configuration you need. No other POS can do that.


Totally agreed in your last comment, and I can see how much this system flexible to change and to create ideas not easily found in other systems, and because of that I’m interesting in the system and want to use its features.
I only speak about the hard to implement features, these features needs along time to learn its functionalities and to understand.