Anyone have any ideas/experience with Scheduling software?

Have you tried deputy for scheduling. In Aus we have a few clients setup on it.

their website is

I’ve used both 7shifts, timetrex, and When I Work. 7shifts is my favorite but it’s costly. When I work is really good free alternative, and timetrex is a beast offering payroll etc.

I’ve now tried/tested many scheduling tools… the best and its FREE is OpenSimSim. Give it a go…

  • Schedule unlimited Employees and Locations
  • Use instant messaging to communicate with staff
  • Find replacement staff; manage time off in a few clicks
  • Keep everyone updated in real time with mobile notifications
    • much more

But timeclock isn’t free, isn’t that an important feature you would need?

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Reports is also paid version that alone makes it a no go for me.

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Personally I still prefer 7shifts if your going to pay for one. But as far as free ones timetrex is one of the only ones that offer full features free. It’s not as pretty or modern though.

Biggest benefit of timetrex is you can download and host it yourself. Nobody else is doing that.

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