Short Cut Tickets

Is there any way to create short cut for Ticket to the bottom of the screen?


Why? Maybe explain and might be alternative that’s works for you.

You cant put it where departments are but you can use Navigate Action and put it just about anywhere else with an automation command.

HI Jesse,
Can you please explain a bit more please. I am not good with the computer… :slight_smile:


At this moment, this customer use Gloria Food, they don’t do delivery so when the customer choose the pick up and paid at their shop, the list in the pick up getting more and more and very confusing for them. The easiest way to do is to check open ticket in Ticket but they need to come out form the page and click Ticket to view the un-paid transaction.

I have no way to configure to make the pick up in Online Gloria to disappear after the payment so I think the easiest way is to link the Ticket page out where they can access easily.


Custom licket lister/entity screen widget?

What list? Where? As far as I am aware any default setup of Gloriafood removes the listing of the ticket once its been delivered and settled

That is for Delivery service. But Pick up service, once the payment is made, the order still remain in there.


I am guessing its probably something to do with Status constraints on the ticket lister or in the Before Ticket Closing rules.

I have a bit of free time at the moment, do you want me to check it for you via AnyDesk?

Thanks. This has been fixed by Samba for me. Happy New Year and thank you… :slight_smile: