Show Prices Under Product In Order Screen

I got an interesting request from a client. They would like to show the product price under product name in order screen.

One way of doing it, I know is by simply just adding the price in Under the Name in Product Properties as instructed below.
Manage>Menu List>(Specific Menu)>Highlighted category>Edit Product Properties… In the Column Next to Product, we can put price next to name of product under “Name” column.

However I was just curious, is there a way this can be done without the manual handling? Maybe adding some sort of Price Tag in the “Name Column” Or possibly through some automation?

Otherwise each product would have to be manually updated, which is a lot of time consumption if you have over 50-100 products.

haven’t tried but what does a <br /> tag do?

edit o wait i see, hold on what about {Brackets:Price} under each? either way it’ll have to be done manually?

Is that command something even recognized in samba?

no, i was just giving an example lol… i dunno. Be good though.

But the
option is the only thing i can think of.

Would be good if we could use in the Header column (where it belongs):


But that might be an “expensive” operation to gather all that info.

It was requested by JTRTech and Markjw a while ago too.

Hmm maybe true that why never implemented.

But @markjw wrote a script to generate header field, maybe better that way.

Probably better that way, because then you just execute the script once whenever you change Product Price(s). I assume the script alters the DB directly to set the Header field? Where is the post for that?

Made a reply to that post for a script to update Header to contain Price …


Ahh nice, you took mark script, converted it into this! haha nice. now I need to learn how to run that script.

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