Show specific ticket type in Ticket Lister

Is it possible to show only a specific ticket type in the Ticket Lister? I have two ticket types; Sales Ticket and Expenses Ticket.

I have tried using '{TICKET TYPE}' == 'Sales Ticket' as an expression, but it returns no values. Any hints?

I can probably do this by using a report in #Table mode, but I would rather just do this directly inside the ticket lister widget.

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have you set the properties correctly?

I had the same issue before and it was as simple as setting the properties

Find out what that Ticket Type Id is in your database via MSSMS and then for filter type TicketTypeId is <id#> example TicketTypeId is 2

Can also do the same for Departments

This was first thing that popped up in search when I typed Filter Ticket Lister in search.

Awesome, thanks @Jesse, I will take a look at doing it this way.

The word “Expression” seemed a lot like what we do in Custom Reports, so I was searching for a Ticker Lister Expression (and not a filter).

It does seem a little odd that you filter by ticket type using a custom report expression, but you also filter by ticket type using a ticket lister filter

Not sure I understand your point there. Report expression wont work. The ticket Lister filters/expressions were made well before Custom Reports ever existed.

I meant that when learning more about Custom Reports, Emre describes “Expressions” as a way to get a subset of the data, based on these such as Ticket Type. That is the reason I searched the forum for “Ticket Lister Expression Ticket Type”.

You went out of your way to point out that if I had teached for “Ticket Lister Filter” I would have found my answer. So my point is that I did not search for Filter because it goes by a different name elsewhere.

Ah I see what you mean.

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