Show ticket number

Is possible to show the ticket number in the main screen? Like i did in this image or somewhere near it?

Thank you.

Ticket number is only created after you close the ticket.

Could we have the order number show in he main screen? That way if an order is takeway the server can give the customer the order number to be picked up.

@Armetrix I would recommend looking at the Custom Package Delivery System on below link.

You can download the sambapos3033_delivery2.sdf sample and rename it as SAMBAPOS4.sdf to test with SAMBAPOS4. then modify it to your needs for Restaurant and Take way.

very useful.

You can have a look here to print a Takeaway Order Ticket. This is the best solution as the customer can’t forget the number.
The reason the Ticket Number will not show up until the ticket is closed is that some features in SambaPOS would generate extra Ticket Numbers that actually aren’t used by Tickets, so you end up with gaps in Ticket Numbers.