Showing buying Price of product when selling

Hi all?In our restaurant, we have a counter that specializes in takeaway orders only. This is mostly for beer and alcohol. i want the cashier in that counter to view the buying price of the product when making a sale transaction.
For example, the buying price of whisky is $20 and the selling price is $25 for wholesale buyers and $30 for retail buyers.
The cashier is able to determine the price that best suits the buyer based on quantity purchased however i want the cashier to view the buying price when making this transaction.This will help the cashier to determine discount to give that customer in figure
Is this possible with samba

I think you can make a price definition for retail and wholesale and use the tags available to then display those two prices on each product button header field

Yes Rickh am able to show the retail and wholesale price using the price definition,i would like my cashier to view the buying price before deciding what amount to discount on the total ticket sale

So do a price definition for buying price and show that on the product button

The cashier will see that price on the product button so can then decide on the discount

You could then have a price button that when toggled changes the prices of the items on the ticket to your retail or wholesale prices depending on the customer

would appreciate if you guide in creating this price button sir.Thankyou