Silly question about database :D

I’m sorry for this silly question :smile:
i want to know the name of the topic which speaks about the following in database and i will search on it
i want to create stock and add certain number of products in each type and when one is sold it’s decremented automatically and if some product is over or doesn’t exist its button be disabled
and if someone gave me the link i would be very grateful :heart_eyes:
sorry again for this question :smile:

You want to be able to set a specific number of stock for a menu item and it will not allow that item to be sold once it reaches 0 correct?

Yes, I’m interested.

yes this what i want to know and also i want to know how to export it to be seen in a table or sth like spread sheet
Thanks in advance :blush:

Let me research it a little and I will respond. Its something I wanted to work on myself. There have been examples of it in the forum if you want to look for them but most of them are limited in function.

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Think I did one somewhere where it warns you when stock getting low then when out of stock shows a message and won’t let you add it again to the ticket

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Have a look here as an example, I did a low stock warning that you could adapt so that when level equals zero the product can’t be added to a ticket

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