Simple Reservation Example

is there a tutorial yet for no-show and date handling. I’m new to samba pos and looking for this features.

Thank you for your support.

But how to cancel reservation? There is a button?

Could you please advise what mappings should be used for ‘Mark Ticket is Reservation’ and ‘Check In Reservation Ticket’. These are greyed out in the Rules list. Also The Reservation button is inactive on the ticket, is this because there are no mappings associated?

Rules are inactive and do nothing when they don’t have a mapping, and so they appear grey. In 99.9% of cases you will use a Default Mapping (all *) which will suffice.

When talking about Rules, we often leave the mapping information out since it is assumed that a Rule needs a mapping to work.

can i know how to configure no show/cancel reservation button?

and is the date functionality able to be handled?

i am trying this for cancelling but its not working

Ilike to try and have this Reservation implementet. What do I do with this Zip file?
Is that so I can choose reservation in the Entity Type name.
I like to learn this also.

You need to have the Database Tools module in order to import the zip file. Import the file in training mode

Warning: Import this file on training mode to ensure it does not break your existing configuration. It replaces some default rules listed here**

Ticket Closing Rule
Update Available Entity Color
Ticket Payment Check
Update Moved Entity Color

Now I can not choose {TICKET STATE:Status} Not equals

Simply type it in on the left - the pick-list is not all-inclusive; you can use many different parameters (Printer Tags)…


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can anyone help to correct my rule

@madiha, the statement “not working” is not helpful. In order to troubleshoot the issue, you need to supply more information.

When you are testing rules or actions, your best friend is the Show Message Action. It will reveal the values in tags, states, program settings etc. In most cases, the reason something “doesn’t work” is because the parameter values and/or constraints are not valid for the scenario.

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hmmm ok in that case i would need to show ticket status…and may i know the syntax for ticket status


I’m interested in reservations, however I have an online reservation system. I would like to pull reservations from my online system and import into Sambapos reservations. is this something that you can assist with and what would be the cost?

Thank you!

The upcoming V5 has powerful features for integration with Web Services.


how soon v5 will release?

we dont know yet, hopefully soon, its being heavily tested

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I did all the steps, but in the Reservation tab it’s empty, blank.

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Please ignore it, I found why that happened.

The “Status” in “Automation-Rules-Checkin Reservation Ticket-Update Ticket Status” should be “New Orders” not [:New Orders].


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Hi again…

New problems.

  1. The Check-in Button does not show after I click Reservation. It’s redirecting me to the MENU, but only the Change Table, Select Customer, Ticket Bill, Add Ticket And Reservation appears…
  2. If I want to set a Reservation for a client, I can, but if I choose a specific table, let’s say B13, it’s not showing in the “All Tables” menu like occupied(reserved).