Simple Reservation Example


Here is something people should know with the Update State Actions…

In some cases, you want the above - it can simplify flows. However, sometimes you do not want this type of constraint. In that case, leave the Current State field blank in the Action. This means you do not care what the State currently is, but you want to “force” a State update anyway…


Ok, so I found that In the Automation Commands, on the mappings should be * (Visible States).

Now I have another problem, I can not see the details in the small box, like in the tutorial above. What function does that ? where should I look for:



no it should not be * . The issue is your state is not setting reservation.


Ok, thanks, but can you please reply to the other question ?



What details and what small box?


Read the Tutorial. That screenshot is for the Ticket Lister Widget. Right-click on it and select Settings.



After these steps, can we make some rule to change the colour of the table ?

I found where:

Rules-Mark Ticket as Reservation-and I added a new action with Update Entity State blank.


I believe that the colours are based on the entity state,

Changes Entity’s Reservation state to “Has Reservation”. So we can create a new state record to display these entities in different colors.


I found where:

Rules-Mark Ticket as Reservation-and I added a new action with Update Entity State blank

but is not the colour that I used


Im pretty sure your State Name would have to be the same State Name as the other colours entity states (orange for in use, red for locked) as the entity screen has a state define in the settings. Might be wrong on that.


I tried. it is not a go !


What way is it not working? Does it go blue and your changing it to not blue or isnt going blue?


I did what you said, that it is not a go:

I made the STATES - Name: Has reservation and rename the State Name: from Reservation to Has reservation and changed the colour, but no success.


I meant that the Sate Name should be Status and Name: Reservation
The entity screen has Display State field which is Status by default and New Orders and Bill Requested which are the orange and red colours you see are both Status States


I created everything form the tutorial above, and I changed now what you said. no luck. :slight_smile:


Sorry, did say I might be wrong, didnt realise you have additional entity screen rather than the default tables screen.
What are you entity screen settings?



I have the db from this tutorial here, form emre. And before that I had a fresh copy of sambapos. So the settings are the same like in his tutorial. here:


And when you modify the colour in ENTITIES, it’s showing in the RESERVATION tab :). So I need a way to change the colour on the tables :slight_smile:


Sure you should have something in Display State on the entity screen settings.
What’s your has reservation state name? Reservation? Put that in display state.


Doesn’t do anything. I found where:
In Rules - Mark Ticket As Reservation