Simple Reservation Example


Is that the default update state action?
There would be two factors in the update, state name and state value, if that’s the default state rule it might be setting reservation state value for status state name, does that make sense?
Sorry if I’m not giving right answer straight away, not used reservation before.
In fact it is, look two actions above, there is an UPDATE ENTITY STATE RESERVATION action!!


yes, the same as above :), and now when the colour is changing on the tables, it’s changing also in the Rersvation Tab.


Looks like you have muddled states!


yeah. I am a wooden headed.


Pretty sure you can’t have update entity state after ticket close anyway as no entity selected if ticket is closed.


I moved the Order, and now when I click on reservation Sambapos it’s crushing :smiley:


‘Crushing’ lol
Ok what did you change last?


Moved the update UP, and Close DOWN.

So the Close should be the last.


Can’t have a constraint of ‘has reservation’ for a start, makes no sencse


OK… Let me describe the issue.

Entity screens displays buttons that represents entities and displays a color to indicate current state of the entity. As Entities might have multiple states we define a state as display state on entity screen configuration.

That sample entity screen displays Customer’s Has Reservation state to list customers that have reservation. To display Table's reservation state (reserved tables) you need to configure a separate entity screen that displays table’s reservation state.


Now I deleted the “Has reservation” and the colours are different, tables-reservation tab. But I don;t know where i can find that colour from the tables:


Believe it is Blank entity status state, as the there are available, new orders, bill requested colours defined by default.


I will check tomorrow. Thanks for your help.



study states before you mess with them. Read what Emre said carefully.


In the Reservation System,

Can we set the date ?

Is it possible ? I think @emre has mentioned but he did not put new tutorial ?

Do we have one here ?