Simple stock control

Hello all of you clever Samba folks.

Is this possible in SambaPos?

I would like to have a very simple stock control where I make, for example, 40 pizza bases, and when I reach a level of 20, a warning tells the waitress (and the kitchen, maybe) she only has 20 pizzas left in stock.
I don’t need a recipe for each and every pizza, 3 grammes of sauce, half a tomato etcetera, that would drive me around the bend! Just, I’ve made 40 portions, this is my opening stock less sales equals my stock on hand/stock available to sell.
Thank you. In anticipation of a nice, simple solution.
Keep well.

Hello @chef,

You can get benefit from below document for inventory based variant of mentioned scenario.
It warns you when a product’s stock level is less than the count predetermined by you advance and once it reaches out to Zero, it prevents to sell mentioned product.

Here is the document for Non inventory based variant of same scenario;

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Thank you Nizam, that works fine on individual items, I will use it for my desserts menu.

It doesn’t help with my pizza question though.

If you have one generic product (eg a pizza base) that is sold under many different guises, is it possible to say that the pizza base is part of those many items so that you can confidently know how many of the pizzas bases to produce the following day?

Try using groupcode or a custom product tag rather than individual product name for the reference.
Would need additional constraints.

Thanks Joe. I could use a tag like “Pizza Base”, what are the additional constraints that I would have to use?

Just test well.thinkjng obout it might even be workable in tandem with menu item ie.
Set 10 pizza based but also 5 hawian if say short on pineapple.then limited to 10 overall pizzas but still specify specific type.

How it works? Can you show me syntax examples?

[=TN('{REPORT INVENTORY:{ITEM TAG:Alert}:Local Warehouse}')-TN('{TICKET ORDER QUANTITY TOTAL EXP:(MN=[:MenuItemName]) && (OS.Status=New)}')]

How can I specify a non-single inventory-item?