Slow Performance During the Day

During my work with Samba Pos some times happen that system work very slow. I have to wait more than 3 seconds to add a scanned product to the order. This happen some times during the work?
It seems that product it’s not readed ok, but after 3 to 5 seconds I see on order the product is added more thane one.
Why this happen some times, exist any update on sambapos that I can configure ?

Thank you in advance

Hello Selim. I think we need more information about your network and database setup.

Hi Emre,

I’m using as database SQL Server 2012 Express, Samba POS is installed on same pc where is installed the database. It’s a local PC without network connection.

What are the specs of the computer?
Atom, i5, AMD, etc

Intel Dual Core 3 GHZ, RAM 4 GB ,DDR3


Hard Drive might be going bad. Check Windows Event Viewer under System for HD related errors.

System specs are OK.
It could be anti virus software or something else.

Do you have Nortons Security or something similar installed ?