So I moved to SQL

and managed to import all my existing CE data.
It worked like a charm, and Sambapos works like a charm too…

now… the difficult part.

I have two restaurants separated 50 meters from each other.

I have a good wireless connection between both, one has a nice modem/router, and the other get a very good signal and internet connection.

I have both in different DHCP IPs…

What should I configure in tables, entities, tickets (and I dont know what else) so, both can work togheter?

I have a rough idea, since I see that I can define all products (both restaurants) and include them in different MENUS, wich is great. So far…I figured it out… but does this solve all the problem? Do i need to set anything else up?



You’ll configure two separate ticket types and two departments for each venue. So you can assign separate menus and entity screens if needed. Other configuration might needed for your specific needs. Testing it on a separate pc might be a good idea so you won’t worry about breaking current setup.