So, I sort of deleted the Table entity system

and now customer decided he does want it…

I could backup the work I’ve done already and move to a fresh install, but is there another way?


Just to add, I’ve created a new entity screen. created lots of entities(Tables)

Created an action to change ticket entity. rule to make above work, but it crashes …

Not sure I’m using the correct action?


Do you have a backup? that would be teh best solution…
the other I would guess to export all your settings, delete database, reinstall samba, and then import your settings…


Yeah I figured that may be the easiest way.

Oh well no biggie.


You could try using database tools to export the table entity, entities, entity screens from the sample database, then import to your one.

For future reference I wouldn’t recommend deleting tables / customers entities unless you are sure you will never need them. You can just remove the mappings to disable them and also disable entity screens in the same way.

Not necessary to reinstall SambaPOS - entities are stored on the database only, so change the database and your problem is fixed.

Well I’m on it tomorrow, so lets give it a shot!

Wont be too hard I imagine. Ill take my spare laptop and do a stock install.

Just need to work out the printer mappings now, if I’m saving it on a Table entity and not user for switch screen… think ill work it out though.