Sold Out of Item for the Day

Is there a way to disable a product when you sell out for the day instead of doing it based on inventory… Example: We bake a batch of brownies for the day… after sold out we dont bake another batch till the next morning. We still have them in stock its just not ready to be served. When they are sold out for the day we would like to have the product be disabled or grayed out or something. I do not want it to disappear because then the staff might think that the product doesn’t even exist anymore… Any idea of if this is possible?

This was asked a couple weeks ago and we found a solution but I can not find the post now. I am pretty sure it used custom product tags

Hmm… i have searched but cannot find anything… If you come accross it can you point me to it. Thanks.

Look in tutorials for limit number of items sold Qmckay made a tutorial for this. Sorry on mobile it wont copy paste or allow quote

I found this… [Solved] Request for product options it works for what not allowing me to add the item when i change the availability to No… do you think there is a way to grey out the button for the item as well?

There is not function that grays a button out.

Here is the basic Tutorial…

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Would creating a rule to change the color of the button be hard to do when the item is changed to not avalible and then have it change back to what it was when it is?

We do not have access to an action to change the color of the automation button or menu item button.